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Tryout Criteria
by posted 11/30/2020

Tryout Criteria 


This year NALA will provide tryouts for it’s GBYLA teams.  We wanted to give families and their players a chance to review some of the skills and fundamentals players will be evaluated on during tryouts.  Tryouts will be led and evaluated by the areas most skilled and decorated lacrosse coaches.  



NALA President - Elliott Bender

NALA Boys Director - Jordan Warren


Lead Coaches

Coach Ben Sack

Coach Wes Sullivan 


Individual Fundamentals 


Athletes will be put through a series of simple, fast paced and high repetition drills that will give athletes the chance to display their individual techniques, efficiency and execution.  Players will be given precise direction by our evaluation staff as to the drills and skills they will be performing.  


Skills we are looking for

  • Catching - with soft hands

  • Passing - accuracy and completion rate

  • Ground Balls - running through the scoop

  • Shooting - speed and efficiency 

  • Dodging - athletes ability to run by their defender

  • Individual Defense - athletes ability to approach the ball and contain their opponent


Team Fundamentals 


Athletes will be taught simple team strategies to play within.  Players will be graded on how quickly they can receive and demonstrate these team strategies.  The final grade will come at the end during the scrimmage and open play opportunity where players will be encouraged to showcase their abilities inside the team system.  


Offensive Strategy 

Clearing Space Adjacent 

Drawing and Dumping 


Defensive Strategy 

How we Approach the ball

Off ball positioning




A series of running tests will be done during the tryout to determine overall work capacity and how well athletes recover.  We will also be testing speed relative to their age group, quickness and agility.  The athleticism portion will last no longer than 10 minutes and will consist of no more than 500 yards of running for the entire test.  


Sprint 200 yds - 100 yds x 2

Sprint 200 yds - 25 yds x 4 

Sprint 50 yds - 50 yds x 1


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