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Each team has a webpage at Huntsvillelax.org. To to Huntsvillelax.org and click on the TEAM box, screens will pop up until you come to your team. Click on it and you can access your Coaches, Team Managers contact information, team roster, and once posted, practice and game schedules. Coaches and Team Manager can also post messages to their teams on the team webpage.

Coaches and Managers will be contacting you with emails and text alerts.  You need to make sure your account is set up to receive this important information.  This information is only available to your team, not the general public.

Go to Huntsvillelax.org. 

Look to the vertical tabs on the left.

Click on the  EDIT MY ACCOUNT box.

A Family Member screen will appear.

In the upper right hand side corner, you will see a box labeled OPTIONS. If you click on the drop down arrow, you can click on the User's Guide.  There will be ease, pictorial directions on how to:


If you click on the Edit contact information and then the Email and SMS(text messages) preferences, you will have easy to follow directions on how to make sure you don't miss out on any information.



How to Add another Adult to your Family Members or update your Account.

Look to the left and click on “Edit My Account”. That will take you to the “Sign In” page.  Put in your email and password. Click “Continue”.
The “Family Members” page will appear. Here you can click on the person who's account information you want to update and update the information.
If you want to add another adult, click on the box that reads “Add Adult” and you can add another adult.  They can have their own password and email address, separate from yours, and they can be signed up to receive notification of games and/or practices. 


Make sure you do not make any of the phone numbers or email addresses private or will you/they will not receive any emails or texts.  Be sure and choose which provider you/they use for their cell phone or you/they will not receive any texts.